Engineering Audits

ETAK's staff of engineers and site auditors personally visit all sites requiring data collection and are able to execute very large projects anywhere in the continental United States.  ETAK processes all data in house and we are heralded by customers as the premier engineering audit company.  ETAK's focus is on speed, quality and volume - processing thousands of site audits annually.


ETAK's engineers are highly educated, degreed professionals who expertly approach all problems with one key goal in mind - provide the customer with 100% accurate cell site data in days, not weeks.  This dedication and capability comes from years of experience working with wireless carriers and visiting thousands upon thousands of cell sites.


ETAK's team of auditors located throughout the country allow for quick response times to projects in all areas of the United States.  Whether you need us walking cell sites in the Northeast or California, ETAK will get it done.  We also have quick response teams on call 24 / 7 to respond almost instantly to customer audit needs anywhere in the country.