ETAK leads the industry in providing the safest Drone Flight services.  FAA certified pilots fly our drones and they must complete a lengthy in house course demanding safe drone flight procedures.  We enforce strict requirements around drone calibration before flying, re-certify pilots every six months, will not take off in high winds, bring drones back to the ground at 35% battery life and have developed a patent-pending tethered drone flight system to protect people and property in high traffic areas.  



ETAK's drone flights are specifically designed to reduce tower climbs, lower costs and provide quicker turnaround for Wireless Carrier Engineering departments.  Services include:

  • 3D Modeling of Towers, Antennas, Radios, etc.
  • Inventory / Warranty Audits
  • Pre-Installations Audits
  • Post-installation Audits
  • Real Estate Surveys

ETAK has offices on the East Coast and stands ready to deliver 3D models, exceptional photos and high quality engineering packages for 2/3 the cost of climbing a tower.  Safety and quality are vastly improved as well as providing photos from angles you just cannot capture when climbing a tower.  The detailed photo below was taken with our drone 20 feet from the tower.  ETAK customizes all our optics on drones to insure antenna serial numbers and other critically important information is readable.




ETAK performs lease verification and tower inspection audits for 1/2 the price of current providers.  We also offer 3D modeling of towers, which is becoming very popular with tower owners.  The image below is not a photo, it is a 3D model of a tower.  We can measure precise distances for antennas and other members in the model, capture downtilt angles and exact tower heights - more accurate than a tape drop. 



ETAK employs extremely safe handling procedures for our drones when operating near transmission lines and poles.  Our cameras are so powerful that flights never come closer than 15 feet to electrical lines and equipment.  In many cases we are able to capture detailed images from as far away as 50 - 100 feet.  ETAK's inspection services are 1/2 the price of current providers in the industry.  Our audits include detailed inspections and 3D modeling of:

  • Insulators
  • All lines (positive, negative, ground)
  • Tower - all potential fail points identified
  • Engineering analysis package submitted for all towers & lines inspected

The image below was taken with one of ETAK's drone cameras from 1/4 of a mile away:





The farm below was flown by ETAK drones equipped with high definition cameras and infrared technology.  The second photo highlights a white area which is a hotspot that was identified and will need to be fixed:




ETAK has filed several patents with the United States patent office.  Intellectual property claimed includes:

  • Tower audits using sUAS
  • Tower audits using sUAS via a tether
  • Engineering analysis of towers and tower equipment using sUAS data
  • Other proprietary technologies related to sUAS tower audits

ETAK expects many additional patents to be filed.