Antenna Modification

Tower Adds

ETAK is consistently heralded as one of the top quality installers of LTE over PCS systems in the Mid-West, Southeast and Northeast. Our install prices are typically 25% - 30% lower than major equipment manufacturers. Wireless carriers love the quick turnaround and attention to detail ETAK provides and they struggle to get from equipment manufacturers.

Quality Installs & PIM Testing

From safely handling fiber jumpers to PIM testing to line & antenna work, ETAK's technicians have perfected turnkey LTE over PCS installs. Whether your equipment will be placed at the top or bottom, we have the expertise to quickly and inexpensively get your LTE over PCS system up and running.


Speed is everything with LTE installs and ETAK has the in house crews to quickly respond to wireless carriers needs. Whether you need 1,000 or 10,000 sites installed, we have the expertise to be sure your sites go live in days not weeks.