Power Installation

Power Installation

ETAK was born over 15 years ago installing power plants. While the complexity has changed, our quality focus stays the same. We specialize in new builds, hot swaps and any other work inside of or outside of the maintenance window. ETAK's technicians are familiar with all wireless carriers site access procedures and very good at keeping cell sites live during hot swaps.

Save Time on LTE Deployments

ETAK saves wireless carriers an average 10 days to 2 weeks time on their LTE deployments by installing power plants well before equipment is added. We are able to install the ground systems (which can include the LTE equipment) weeks before site acquisition negotiations are complete. By working within an existing shelter or cabinet, ETAK operates under a current lease or permit and shaves valuable time off your LTE deployment.

Use ETAK's Experts for Power Installations

Cell sites unexpectedly go off air for two primary reasons:

  • Power goes out and the batteries are dead; or
  • A contractor brings the site down during an installation.

ETAK's technicians specialize in minimizing disruption to wireless service by using procedures that protect your equipment investment as well as your customer's airtime. Insulated tools, static mats and very careful movement of equipment & cables are all part of the equation for keeping your cell site on air during hot swaps.